Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions set by GLV emag, a unit of Kwik travel network, Mumbai India.

  1. In this page, when we use the term “We”, it implies GLV emag. This condition is only for this particular page.
  2. We hold no rights of images added in our site as they are 100% user generated data. Thus we are not a part of any copyright issue.
  3. All the stories shared in our site is third party data. Thus if the reader has any objection they can contact us for removal. But again we are not responsible of that objection. They reader needs to contact the write for any objection.
  4. We are not obliged to return on each and every mail that comes to us. Due to huge volume of emails received, we takes around two weeks to respond.
  5. Readers can comment on the stories written on our site, but we hold the rights to approve, disapprove or delete any comment.
  6. Once a reader has entered our site, he or she are naturally bind with the above terms and conditions, set by us.

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