Fruits in June

Here is the list that you can easily order them to your door. =-) weather can be crazy sometimes, so I usually order them when it is cool a bit ( it takes 2~3 days to your door)

"Healthy for Change" is not related to any of these retailers or farmers. I am sharing this after so many requests! =-)

And also check out here for simple and powerful juice recipe with these amazing fruits.

Stay Awesome and Live Yummy

I can't give up on meat.

I like eating vegetables, Can't get enough of them but if you are or if your partner doesn't want to eat vegetable 24/7 , and they start complaining about food...then What can we do?
2~3 times a week? if this is really hard, then at least we could find somewhere "Better options" of our meat!
I got so many requests on "where on earth I am getting meat from?"
Korea is such a small country and it is really hard to get hands on "grass-fed" meat, even if we can somehow, it would be so expensive.

It should be affordable, so Here are some lists that I am getting my meat ordered. and hope it help your healthy table as well.

It is almost impossible to get "grass-fed" beef in Korea. all corn or grain fed unfortunately.

If we are craving for steak, then we always buy "beef from Australia" since they are grass-fed until they get shipped to Korea. and they lock them in for 3 months(to fatten them up for Koreans taste) or here sells grass-fed beef online.

We all know it is very hard to get "Health choice" on meat But at le

Get some better quality meat on your table. It might cost you 2~3 bucks more now, but it will save you so much money on your medical bills in the future.

Stay Awesome and Live Yummy!

How to buy Cheap and Great Veggies in Korea?

Jihee ,Where on earth are you getting all the veggies from when you are juicing?

Great Questions and I am glad to share this info with you.

Healthy For Change is not related to any of these retailers. I am sharing the info where on earth I am getting all my produce- cheap, clean and directly from either suppliers or farmers


How to buy Healthier Eggs?

Well, believe it or not. I used to be a gal who "didn't care" where my eggs come from.

-Eggs are Eggs
-Why people need to pay more for eggs?
-The Cheaper ,the better
-What the heck is "Free range eggs?"

Yup, Really! I used to be a girl who is going for the "cheapest and the most" egg trays in the supermarket... hehehe what makes me changed? and you can visit here.

This is how my eggs get delivered =-) and if you really want to see how the chicken is growing and bearing eggs , go to here: it is more pricey since they are not just certified also open the farm to the people- no secret 40 for 20000 won , and delivery cost 3000won. but I am going to try this one as well and compare.

How to order Avocado

I never missed a single day without one of this great fruit. Love avocado.

But where on earth can I get it from? (in Korea )

-costco (get green ones and then ripe them in the fridge or cooler area) and it gets this beautiful ripe color.

And I bought 17 Green ones for 30000won. that is pretty good! 1800 won each!

Bargain! and I have 1/2 Avocado everyday! It is just amazing!=-)

If you want to know more about avocado, I wrote an article about 5 benefits of Avocado