Dairy, Gluten free oat meal

Great source of "comforting food", when sun is not shining, then Our body wants to eat more on carbs.

If you have this as a breakfast, then you will reduce the chance of "coffee and chocolate muffin in the afternoon as a snack".

Try it and you would love it. Stay heathy and Live Yummy.

Don't-Stop-me-now brekkie

If someone ask you to give up on food you like , would you?

It can be always alternative way. Big Breakfast can be a bit charmed after a few "add".

Poached eggs with less sodium bacon and sauteed Kale and mushroom and gently cooked cherry tomatoes with olive oil.

Don't give up on what you like to eat. sometimes , It is ok to eat Less and better quality food than "craving the food you enjoy, therefore you ended it up binging the guilt trip food!".

Be Healthy and Stay Awesome!

Cultured vegetable

Have you heard that Kimchi is good for you? YEAH, TRUE except the sodium!

Cultured vegetable is so handy and easy and super healthy to you, more ifreebudget.com/navage-reviews.html. it is like a vegetable yogurt - kimchi, sauerkraut and if you are suffering with mal-nutrients, IBS,(irritated bowel diseases-diarrhea , constipation) acne, inflammation...

Yeap pretty much it is Amazing for you!

Do you juice?

I am going to introduce with veggie pulp from juice

Ingredients: juice from morning (carrots, beets, ginger and apple-cored without seeds)

You will be surprised how easy this can be done:

1. break the veggie pulp to little pieces

2. add 1 tsp of salt

3. fill it up in the air tight jar

4. fill the jar up with distilled water until all the veggie is under the water

5. cover the lid and wait for 3~7 days in the room temperature

6. eat it whereev

Coconut butter

Great Source for a Healthy Dessert, Smoothie and Baking

And so easy to make it!

Ingredients: Organic Desiccated Coconut and a food processor
Prep time : 10 second
Cooking time : 10 minutes

Have you ever made almond butter? It is just same way you can make it. DUMP 'EM ALL AND Turn it on for 10 minutes and all those dry flakes get smooth like this form and you can store it in the air-tight jar.

Use it whenever you need to. Amazingly yummy as well.

Lactose free oat meal brekkie

I didn't grow up with oat meal, and couldn't understand why my friends were craving this...!

Now, I DO!

It would be perfect meal for Cold, wet Morning. =-)



1 Cup of scottish cut oat meal(why are there so many different "kinds" of oat?)
1 cup of water
1 cup of almond milk( Aka 13 minutes milk)
2 Tsp Desiccated Organic coconut
1tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp stevia or 1 Tsp maple syrup

add the oat with water and almond, and start the fire with medium heat, and then before it boils, you keep the low temperature. add coconut and stir it occasionally and add sweet (either stevia or maple syrup) 10 minutes after, your gorgeous oat meal is ready to serve

I add a bit of almond milk before I eat, and frozen wild blueberries and sliced banana.

This is so amazing!